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Bike Cooperative Hires Nat McAllister

Published October 14, 2011

MANCHESTER, NH (BRAIN)—The Bike Cooperative has hired Nat McAllister as its new director of supplier relations. McAllister comes to the co-op with significant experience in the industry, serving as general manager for a multi-store dealer in New England.

“Our ideal candidate was someone who could identify the intersection of opportunities between our retailers and our suppliers. We are committed to growth on both sides of the ledger. Nat will be able to help our retailers secure better deals, and help our suppliers secure growth within our membership,” said Greg Brodsky, managing director of the co-op. “It was also important that the person have a fundamental understanding of the cooperative model, and be able to see things from the retailer’s perspective. The fact that Nat had an impressive retail background in a leadership position, and worked for a store that is actually a member of The Bike Cooperative made him the perfect fit.”

McAllister added, “Ultimately, this position is all about developing win-win relationships and programs for both the member retailers as well as the vendors’ brands. Having walked in our members’ shoes, and with my experience as primary buyer in a successful retail operation, I feel I understand the needs of the dealer and supplier alike to make both sides even more successful.”

McAllister was general manager for Papa Wheelies Bicycle Shops in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and Back Bay Bicycles in Boston, where during his 14-year tenure he was responsible for buying, forecasting, merchandising, marketing and personnel.

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