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Ex-Specialized exec launches nutrition brand

Published May 11, 2012

FAIRFAX, CA (BRAIN) Friday May 11 2012 10:00 AM MT—Ben Capron, a former marketing director at Specialized Bicycle, is the new CEO of Osmo Nutrition, a sports nutrition company offering specific drink formulas for hydration, nutrition and recovery.

Osmo's chief research officer is Stacy Sims, Ph.D., a nutrition scientist and exercise physiologist who has worked with several professional cycling teams, the USA Olympic track and BMX teams and pro triathlete Dan Hugo, among others.

Osmos products are based on one of Sims' key findings: that athletes don't need to take in electrolytes and carbohydrates in the same drink.

“Osmoʼs products are designed to work with the bodyʼs natural responses to exercise and adaptation,” Sims said. “Specifically, each formula works at a particular point of the exercise/stress cycle and allows the body to minimize the stressors of exercise and maximize the repair. The focus on hydration is to enhance total body water as inadequate hydration is a huge performance limiter. The focus on recovery is two fold: 1) to give the body what it needs immediately post-exercise to shut down the breakdown stress and start adaptation and repair; and 2) to work with the bodyʼs natural repair cycle that occurs during quality sleep. A double hit of recovery means faster adaptation and quicker gains in performance and potential.”

Capron said the "opportunity is huge" in the sports nutrition field. “The way we see it, if you have a body, youʼre an athlete. So the opportunity is huge because the market is big and because proper hydration and recovery are the significant improvements to performance an athlete can make. [Sims'] established science enabled us to create the most effective hydration and recovery products on the market.”

Osmo will offer four sports drinks: one for pre-exercise, one for during, for immediately post-exercise and before sleep. The products will be sold through specialty bike shops and the Osmo website.

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