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Club Ride moves into new building

Published September 4, 2012
Club Ride headquarters, Ketchum, Idaho

KETCHUM, ID (BRAIN) — Idaho-based clothing maker Club Ride has moved into a new building with three time the square footage of its previous headquarters. 

The company has also expanded its product line, its staff and even its credit line, it announced Tuesday.

"With our 2013 collection nearly double the size of this year's offerings, this move couldn't wait another day," said founder Mike Herlinger. "Shipments of new product are scheduled to arrive in late September, and developing this new space has been a critical step in our growth."

Club Ride's website is currently undergoing a major facelift as well and is scheduled to be unveiled later this week. "

Club Ride was established in 2008. CEO Scott Montgomery said it has relied on private funding until this summer, when it established its first credit line. 

"This credit line is going to give us more agility in the marketplace," said Montgomery, "and we will be able to pursue opportunities with greater flexibility and assertiveness."

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