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Easton-Bell Sports wins home-field advantage in DuPont dispute

Published March 29, 2013
DuPont drops Delaware suit after California judge denies venue-change request

WILMINGTON, DE (BRAIN) — DuPont on Thursday dropped its trademark infringement suit against Easton-Bell Sports in Delaware federal court, two days after a California judge denied the company's request to move a related suit's venue to the East Coast. 

Both cases are related to DuPont's claim that EBS infringed on its trademarks for "DuPont" and "Kevlar" by using the words on its packaging for tires and locks. 

Easton-Bell Sports, based in Van Nuys, California, denies that it infringed on the trademarks and filed a suit January 18 in the Northern District for California, asking the court to settle the question. DuPont, based inWilmington, Delaware, filed its suit in Delaware on January 28.  

Earlier this week DuPont asked the California court to transfer the case to Dupont, but Magistrate Judge Nathanael Cousins denied the request, noting that Bell had filed its case a week earlier. 

The companies discussed entering a licensing agreement to resolve their differences last July, but Easton-Bell Sports declined DuPont’s proposed license, according to the lawsuit.  

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