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WTB launches new website

Published May 13, 2013

MILL VALLEY, CA (BRAIN) — WTB recently launched a new website that’s more user-friendly and works better on mobile devices. The new site also has an improved e-commerce platform and will feature a “Buy Local Now” button next to each product so that shoppers can see which stores in their vicinity have the item in stock. 

“Visitors are now able to easily access what had been previously imbedded deep within several levels of classification,” said Justin Kirkwood, WTB’s creative director. “Now if someone is looking for a 650b tire, it is easily accessible from a drop-down menu.”

WTB has plans to build upon the new format for future products, making integration quick and easy as new product is released. The company says the new site works as well on the sales floor of a local shop as on an end-consumer’s laptop.  

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