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Suspension Experts launches Cane Creek shock demo program

Published May 31, 2013

ASHEVILLE, NC (BRAIN) — Mountain bikers interested in trying before buying can now demo two of Cane Creek’s rear shocks via a new program launched by suspension system service and tuning company Suspension Experts. Riders can contact Suspension Experts directly to try the Cane Creek’s double barrel shocks, the DBcoil and DBair.

“Customers have wanted a way to try our DB shocks before they buy for years. It was a logical evolution for us to develop this program through our service centers,” said Malcolm Hadley, director of suspension service at Cane Creek. 

Suspension Experts has the coil and air shocks in stock for demo in a full range of sizes, making it easy for riders to test the shocks on their own bikes. The company will ship the appropriate shock to the customer. Those living in the Asheville area are invited to stop in to Suspension Experts’ retail store where they can demo the shocks and avoid shipping and handling charges. Riders can also purchase the shocks directly from Suspension Experts.

Suspension Experts works with consumers, bike shops and manufacturers to provide rebuilding and tuning services on all major suspension brands.

“Suspension Experts has strong product knowledge which they use to provide excellent feedback — making them a valuable R&D resource for us,” added Hadley. “We view Suspension Experts as an extension of Cane Creek and this demo program adds to the strength of our long-standing relationship.” 



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