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RST consolidates North American service centers

Published June 13, 2013

CANYON COUNTRY, CA (BRAIN) — Suspension brand RST is centralizing its North American service centers, closing its Canadian center and expanding its facility in Southern California to handle U.S. and Canadian customers.

"With this change, we will be able to respond to warranty issues that may arise faster, and it will also allow us to have parts that dealers may need—from ride kits to service parts and upgrade kits—in stock and allow us to achieve better fill rates on their orders," RST said in a statement Thursday.

RST's office is changing its name from RST-USA to RST-North America. The office's address and phone number remain the same but all contact e-mail addresses are new.

For warranty issues contact, for aftermarket parts and upgrade kits contact sales@RSTNorthAmerica.comMike Dunn, North American brand manager, can now be reached at

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