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ID maker QRide launches dealer program

Published July 9, 2013

ROANOKE, VA (BRAIN) — QRide Inc., which makes emergency ID products, has launched a dealer program with a point-of-sale display for its QRide Mini offering. The display includes 15 pairs of the product.

“We’re very excited to have retailers nationwide coming on board with this program that has been very well received as a pilot regionally,” said company president Warren Schimizzi. “Bike shops are always looking for cool, useful new products that they can introduce to their customers. This new program does that at a very reasonable buy-in for new retailers.”

QRide emergency IDs use QR codes to link to an online profile that is set up by the user after purchase. “Shops simply sell the product to their customers, and we do the rest directly with the end-user,” said Schimizzi, adding that customers do not have to order a customized ID and wait for delivery. Also, retailers’ commissions are not delayed, he noted.

Interested dealers can visit QRide’s website for more information:

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