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Garneau announces summer demo tour dates

Published April 2, 2014

ST. AUGUSTIN DE DESMAURES, Quebec (BRAIN) — Louis Garneau will start a demo tour this month that will visit stores across Canada and in select U.S. locations, allowing consumers to test ride Garneau bikes.

The Garneau Demo Tour will be a great way to connect with riders of all levels in partnership with our retail network and have them experience a Garneau Gennix carbon road bike on their own roads they ride and train on every day,” said Pierre Grenier, Garneau's Canada sales director.

Canadian participants will be able to try out Gennix R1, Gennix R2 and Gennix E1 bikes. At each demo day, $500 in Garneau products will be raffled among the registered participants who ride a Garneau bike. In addition, consumers who buy a Gennix series bike on the day of the demo or the following week will receive $500 in Garneau products.

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