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OnGuard wins National Geographic channel contest

Published May 27, 2014
Todson's Eric Sakalowsky (l) and Rick Schad at the filming.

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. (BRAIN) — Todson's OnGuard bike lock survived a variety of strength tests to emerge victorious on National Geographic Channel's "Showdown of the Unbeatables" show last week.

OnGuard's Beat Chain and Boxer U-Lock were featured on the show May 23. The show tested the locks' tensile strength by using it to pull a 20-ton military tank. They also subjected the locks to a blowtorch, angle grinder and a shootout at 40 feet, where it took direct hits from a 357 Magnum and an AR15.

Finally, the locks survived a beating from the teeth of a Link-Belt excavator. A video clip is available on the National Geographic website

"Our toughest OnGuard security lock was put through the paces - enduring bullets, a blowtorch, being pulled by a tank and the attack of an excavator - and came out on top. We're thrilled that consumers were able to witness these challenges and see for themselves just how 'Unbeatable' OnGuard is," said Neal Todrys, president of Todson.

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