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Moxie Cycling Co. joins The Bike Co-op's supplier list

Published November 17, 2015

MANCHESTER, N.H. (BRAIN) — Members of the The Bike Coooperative can now earn rebates on purchases of products from the women's clothing brand Moxie Cycling Co.

Moxie co-founder Brooke Wissler said, "Partnering with The Bike Cooperative gives us a great opportunity to grow our base of quality independent bike retailers. At the same time, we feel we can help Co-op members attract more female customers with products designed specifically for women's unique needs. We're confident it will be a win-win for both Moxie and The Bike Cooperative's members."

Carl Michelakos, vice president of operations for The Bike Cooperative added, "Members have been telling us they wanted Moxie as a supplier partner because Moxie makes clothing that addresses a major need in the market – stylish apparel for women who don't want to sacrifice performance or comfort."

Bike Cooperative vice president of marketing Tim Leaver said, "Brooke and her team have created a unique brand story that our members can share with their female clientele. They've also developed a strong retail program that stores can really get behind, with a 60-day window for stock rotation, free POP and a strict MAP policy. We're excited to have a partner like Moxie in The Bike Cooperative."

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