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Keener Still Enjoying Retail Experience

Published August 21, 2009

I'm working one day a week on the sales floor this summer and doing weekly product training clinics at the five Bicycle Village stores.   

When I started Selling Cycling, I was twice the age of the average staffer, now it’s closer to three times. Things have changed, social media and such, but the audience is still pretty similar.

The eager ones in the front row, taking notes, asking questions. The surly ones in back, rolling their eyes. I can just hear them thinking, “Give this guy a plaid jacket and he’d be selling used cars.”

Working with the Bicycle Village management has been awesome. They’ve really helped me formulate a new approach to Selling Cycling product training for 2010.

More focus on how to sell each category, less focus on the individual product SKUs. And an easily understood and communicated brand story to help the customers understand each brand and their unique technologies.

I’m working the Back to School tent sale Saturday and Sunday, we’ll see how my Retail Legs hold up! I can ride 100 miles, walk 36 holes, but there’s something about running the sales floor all day that really takes it out of you!

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