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Easton ships upgrade kit for rear hubs

Published March 5, 2013
An Easton M1 hub

SCOTTS VALLEY, CA (BRAIN) — Easton is making a running change to its M1 rear hubs and is making available an upgrade kit for existing hubs to eliminate side-to-side play and improve bearing durability. 

The upgrade kits are available at no charge to dealers with the relevant wheels in stock or in the field. The kit contains a bearing spacer, a new set of bearings and a new locknut. An installation tool also is available to dealers.

An Easton official said the kit eliminates "side-to-side play associated with an unthreading bearing preload adjuster."

Easton M1 rear hubs are used in EC90 XC, EA90 XC, EC70 Trail, Haven, Haven Carbon, Havoc and EA90XD wheels. The affected hubs can be identified by the hub model number on the rear hub. Affected hub models end in the number 1; for example, M1-121, M1-221 and M1-321.

Easton said the upgrade kit "can be installed by Easton distributors, retailers, or competent home mechanics."

New wheels that have the upgrade can be identified by a green dot label on the box. Upgraded rear wheels can also be identified by the locknut on the non-drive side of the hub. The new locknut has the word “TIGHTEN” printed on it.

Easton has posted a how-to video on its website

To order the upgrade kits call (800) 969-4476 or email

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