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KindHuman releases steel framesets

Published September 11, 2013

TORONTO, Ontario (BRAIN) — KindHuman is releasing a line of three steel framesets to complement the carbon fiber models it announced earlier this year. The line consists of three models for road, cyclocross and mountain biking all made in the United States. 

"We love our tech-driven composite offerings, but steel holds a special place in our hearts and under our saddles," said founder and creative leader Adam Abramowicz. "While stiffness and light weight are the golden calves of bike reviews, steel offers a ride quality that transcends modern perceptions of quality."

Each frameset is made to order in the company's house geometry and colors with custom sizing and paint available. Other options include a steel fork, BB30 bottom bracket and disc tabs. Abramwicz declined to say where the frames are being made, citing an agreement with the manufacturer.

The starting price for the Klassic road and Springbok cyclocross models is $1,950, while the Rhebok 29er frame starts at $1,800. Lead times are as short as five weeks from order placement, depending on the season. 

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