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Garneau offers custom colors on frames, helmets and clothes

Published October 16, 2013

NEWPORT, VT (BRAIN) — Louis Garneau is letting consumers get fully custom and matching colors — on bike frames, helmets and clothing.

The Canadian brand is launching its Dreamfactory program in the U.S., making its flagship frames available with custom paint. Customers can select their prefered base color, accents and graphics from a 20-color palette online. They also can choose a gloss or matte finish. 

At the same time, they can order custom helmets to coordinate with the bike. And the available color schemes carry over to Garneau's existing custom clothing program.

"Dealers will benefit from the Dreamfactory program with low minimums and competitive margins," the company said.

"The Dreamfactory Program is a win-win for dealers and consumers alike. Dealers are able to offer a large selection of colors without having to maintain high inventory levels, and consumers are able to customize their ride and select their choice of components with the advice of a dealer.  We also know through consumer research that riders are always seeking to differentiate and personalize. Dreamfactory meets these demands and offers cutting-edge technology at the same time," said the brand's global marketing director, Pierre Perron. 

Garneau has four framesets available in 2014 in the Dreamfactory program: The Gennix R1 high-performance road frame; the Gennix R2, a lighter version of the R1; the Gennix E1, a longer wheelbase frame with a taller headtube for comfort on long rides (available in mens and womens versions); and the Gennix TR1 aero bike, available in a triathlon version and a UCI-approved time trial version.

Garmeau also sells the Steeple-X cyclocross frame and the Xinos road frames in the U.S.; those frames are not available in the custom paint program.

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