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Kinetic unbundles its inRide watt meter and HR strap

Published January 27, 2014

MINNEAPOLIS (BRAIN) — Kinetic is now offering its inRide Watt Meter and Bluetooth Smart heart rate strap separately.

The items were previously available only as a package. But Jason Overman, Kinetic's North American sales manager, said many potential customers already owned a heart rate strap. 

"We're listening to our customers," Overman said. "Offering the inRide pod separately saves them money and eliminates the redundancy of purchasing a second (strap). As for customers who only want a heart rate strap, ours is a great option that is compatible with inRide and over 50 different fitness apps."

Kinetic's suggested retail price for the inRide Watt Meter is $159. The strap has a suggested retail of $70. Bundled price for the pod and strap is $229.

"The packaging change makes it easier for distributors and retailers to sell inRide, and provides consumers a convenient value option," Overman said.

The inRide is a wireless power meter compatible with all Kinetic fluid trainers. It transmits the data from the trainers' resistance unit to an app on compatible smart phones via the Bluetooth Smart wireless protocol. The heart rate strap also uses Bluetooth Smart and is compatible with many smart phone apps, including Strava and MapMyRide.

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