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29 or 27.5-inch? Trek says, 'yes'

Published June 5, 2014

WATERLOO, Wis. (BRAIN) — Trek Bicycle is claiming to have solved the debate over the merits of 29-inch and 27.5-inch wheels. The company is using both wheel sizes on its new Marlin and Skye models, with the smaller size on bikes with frames smaller than 17.5-inches and the larger wheel size on larger frames. The company calls the practice "Smart Wheel Size."

"For some time, riders and retailers across the world have debated the merits of both, causing bike shops and bike company product managers to scramble to meet the demands of a confused marketplace. Smart Wheel Size ends the confusion and simplifies the choice for riders while making it easier for shops to sell the best bike for their customer," a Trek press release said.

The company said its research found 29-inch wheels roll faster than 27.5-inch for riders above a certain height.

The company said the new policy will "allow riders to focus on "which bike is right for me?", rather than "which wheel size is right for me?""

"This Smart Wheel Size approach benefits both riders and retailers. We think it has a lot of potential for all of Trek's cross country hardtails," said Trek mountain bike product manager John Riley. The new Marlin and Skye models are available now.

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