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Leisure Trends reports Retail POS Survey results

Published September 2, 2013

BOULDER, CO (BRAIN) — Leisure Trends Group recently released results from its Retail POS Survey conducted in August. Representatives from multiple sporting goods industries took the survey, with 237 IBDs participating—the most of any industry. 

The survey found that 92 percent of IBDs have a POS system and 13 percent have plans to purchase a new POS within the next six months. In addition, IBDs identified ease of use, industry specific expertise and reporting capabilities as important considerations when purchasing a POS system. 

According to survey results, the top five most common POS systems in the bike industry are:

  1. Ascend
  2. RMS – Dynamics RMS
  3. MerchantOS (now Lightspeed Cloud)
  4. Quickbooks POS
  5. Profits – Premier

Retailer satisfaction was measured across seven categories: customer management, ease of use, product entry, reporting capabilities, inventory management, reliability and customer service and support.  

Lightspeed Cloud (formerly MerchantOS) was the overall winner in reported retailer satisfaction. Ascend was also a top three finisher, scoring highest in the customer service and support and reliability categories.

Retailers interested in receiving the full survey results can contact Greg Shoenfeld at for more information.

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