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Bike Fixation Releases Wave Delineator to the Public

Published January 31, 2019

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Ride the Wave with this Temporary Lane Delineator

Minneapolis, MN – Bike Fixation, a Minneapolis-based manufacturer of cycling infrastructure endorsed by Saris, today unveiled their latest product, a temporary lane delineator. Created in collaboration with the Los Angeles Department of Transportation and Gensler Architects, Bike Fixation set out to design a temporary lane delineator that makes pop-up or demonstration bike lanes feel fun, inspiring and safe.

Today that product, the Wave Delineator, becomes available to the public.

Tapping into guidance and expertise from engineers and planners at the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, Bike Fixation was able to target the features that were essential to making the delineator easy to use. Features like collapsibility, reflective decals, light weight, and chamfered edges helped address common complains of existing temporary delineators. The Wave Delineator checks all these boxes, yielding a lane delineator that not only looks good - it’s intuitive to use too.

“The Wave Delineators grab people’s attention,” said Devin Olson, Co-Founder of Minneapolis Bike Parks. “Every time we have used them people ask what they are and what they’re used for. They want to touch and feel them. People can’t keep their hands off them. And they just look cool.”

These distinct lane delineators have already been part of pilot programs across the country. Starting with a Complete Streets demo in San Jose, CA, the delineators have crisscrossed the country, deployed in multiple scenarios from a single-day Open Streets event in Philadelphia, to a months-long protected bike lane project in New Orleans.

“The Wave Delineators were ideal for the day-long 2017 Philadelphia Free Streets protected bicycle lane demonstration project,” said Jeannette Brugger, AICP, Bicycle & Pedestrian Coordinator for the City of Philadelphia. “We had the public asking us all day when they were going to be seeing them around town. The materials are eye-catching and gave a sense of separation without the time-consuming install of typical temporary pilot materials.”

“What started as a fun side project to make bike lanes beautiful has blossomed into something much larger and more significant,” said Mike Basarich, Director of Bike Fixation. “From galvanizing public support for protected bike lanes, to creating temporary bicycle travel lanes at large events, to assisting families with no bike infrastructure safely access local farmers markets, the Wave Delineator has married form and function in a way that is nothing short of revolutionary in this space. We hope ‘Riding the Wave’ will become an integral part of every pop-up, Cyclovia, game-day, demonstration, or pilot across the globe.”


At Saris, we believe in mindful infrastructure. It’s the first step in encouraging more people to arrive by bike and critical in freeing cyclists from everyday hassles. From trailheads to transit stations, Bike Fixation envisions a world that is accessible anywhere two wheels can lead you. Their fixation is inspiring people to live their lives by bike, and Bike Fixation’s line of American made bicycle infrastructure products gets us one step closer to making that dream a reality.

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