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LAGUNA HILLS, Calif. (BRAIN) — Many have asked how to tell BRAIN editors about their news.

It's not so hard. Try this:

 Email a news tip or press release to BRAIN.

That link will create an email that is addressed to our editor in chief, managing editor and web editor. 

You can email us a note about news, or send a formal press release, event information for our calendar, or product information for our New Product section.

There's no automated system. We don't publish every press release we receive and we don't post press releases verbatim; we write articles about news that our editors feel is relevant and interesting for our readers.

As for format, we are not fancy people. Just write or paste what you have to say into the body of the email. Sure, you could also attach a Word .doc or a .pdf, but why would you? If we don't know you, we are unlikely to open your attachment.

Some folks like to send links to websites that host their press release. We're sure you have your reasons. But if we don't know you and/or we don't have an idea of what your news is, we are unlikely to follow a link. You'd be stacking the deck against yourself.

Please attach photos as separate files (.jpeg, .jpg,.gif or .png). If you are hoping we'll use your photos, please don't embed them into a Word document or a .pdf. A link to a selection of photos in a Dropbox folder or similar hosting service is fine.

While we try not to be fussy, please include the following information for these submissions:

  • News release: what, who, where, when, why and how. 
  • An event for our calendar:
    • a description of the event.
    • dates
    • specific location (name and address of the venue)
    • contact information for someone who would like to attend or exhibit at your event, such as email or phone
    • contact information for a BRAIN editor who has questions about your submission
  • A new product
    • A description with as much objective information as possible, with a minimum of MarketingSpeak and superlatives. Include information that would interest retailers, not just consumers (for example, packaging information, available POP displays, availability time frame, etc.)
    • MSRP (we generally don't publish wholesale pricing on the web)
    • contact information for a retailer who would like to stock your product, either an email address, URL or phone number
    • contact information for a BRAIN editor who has questions about your submission
    • distribution information (if you use distributors or sell dealer direct, please tell us)
    • a URL for more information
    • a photo or several

About embargos:

We are happy to work with you if you want to send us information to be held until a certain time or date. But please contact us first to discuss and reach agreement. Sending us unsolicited information with an embargo date does not mean we have agreed to the embargo. Putting an embargo date on something does not guarantee we are going to publish it at that time, or ever.  


There is contact information, including email and direct phone numbers, for our entire staff at

Advertising information, including downloadable media kits, is at

Subscription information for our print and/or electronic edition is at

The below sends an email to various BRAIN departments, depending on which subject you select. For news tips and press releases, it's often better to use the link at the top of this page to send an email to three editors. The form does allow anonymous submissions, though, if you want to be hush-hush.

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