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Memory Pilot Retains PowWord Communications For PR and Media Outreach To Respond To Growth

Published October 13, 2020

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 Santa Barbara, CA- Former professional cyclist Erik Saunders retains PowWord Communications for his growing Memory Pilot brand.

Memory Pilot, launched in 2019, has seen unexpected and welcome growth during this pandemic-rattled 2020.

Thanks to the increased interest in the brand’s fenders and socks, Saunders has teamed up with Tim Jackson and PowWord Communications to handle the brand’s PR and Media needs.

“With trying to maintain and control the growth, as well as plan the product development, I recognized that I needed to bring in somebody who can help me focus on what I do best,” stated Saunders.

“I’ve known Erik for years, and watched him begin Memory Pilot with the first socks,” said Jackson, “and I was immediately impressed with his concept for his company, so I’m genuinely stoked to lend a hand in helping him grow.”

Memory Pilot seeks to become a reliable, sustainable, and responsible supplier within the bike industry, offering products with a genuine value.

“Erik is one of the very few minorities on the product/ supply side of the industry, and with his racing background, he has a compelling story that isn’t part of the cycling mainstream,” according to Jackson.

“On top of that, his product is awesome, so it makes my job much easier.”

As memory Pilot’s product range expands, the brand is looking to move into the outdoor category as well, for more sustainable growth. “We’re looking to grow the product range, as well as move into the outdoor space, so this step is a part of making that happen,” said Saunders.

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