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American BMX Company Hires Art Ornelas as Sales Director

Published October 20, 2021

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ANAHEIM, CA—American BMX Company (ABC) is pleased to announce the addition of industry veteran Art Ornelas to lead its sales team.

"Art's experience in sales and as an industry sales rep and his knowledge of the Southern California market will be a big help to us as we develop our product line and open new dealers. We are very excited to have him join the team," said Toby Henderson, ABC's co-owner.

Ornelas brings with him more than 25 years in the bicycle industry handling sales, sourcing and product placement, starting at GT Bicycles in the early-1990s and at Nirve in starting in 2001.

"Adding Art to the team is a very timely and major accomplishment for ABC. We have product sitting in the port of Los Angeles, more on the water and much more being produced as we speak. Having an experienced sales director in place will allow us to serve our customers and get them the product they want and need," said Marc Cote, ABC's co-owner.

Prior to joining ABC, Ornelas stepped out of the bicycle industry and did a stint selling industrial machines. The Southern California native began working at ABC in August, using his decades of experience to hire sales reps nationwide, sign distributors worldwide and set up a dealer network for ABC and its Race Inc., Cook Bros. Racing and Bottema product lines.

"One day I received a call from Toby and was asked to come join ABC as a sales director. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to relive my youth. The growing retro big BMX scene is amazing. To be given an opportunity to put together an enthusiastic sales team to service the booming niche, as well as BMX racing, was an offer I couldn't refuse," Ornelas said.

About ABC.: At ABC, we work to build quality BMX products. We do this by designing and developing innovative frames, bikes and related programs that enhance the enjoyment of riding and boost racing performance whether it's at the local pump track, the World Cup circuit or the Olympic Village.

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