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Cycle Limited: A stress free way to buy and sell pre-owned bikes

Published November 1, 2021

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Cycle Limited, a Florida-based online pre-owned bike retailer, has found a definitive way to set themselves apart in the ever-changing bike industry. As many bike retailers would profess, stepping into the pre-owned bike retail space can be challenging, but Cycle Limited has worked hard to forge its own successful niche. Their plan is to change the way customers and retailers buy and sell used bikes and bring forward a new way to connect the bike industry.

Cycle Limited was founded by the ambitious young visionary, Danny Israelian. Israelian realized that something was missing in the pre-owned bike market and devised a new approach to selling used bikes. He knew what the industry was lacking and created his business model around changing how pre-owned bikes are sourced and sold. His ingenious plan and determination ignited the birth of what is now known as Cycle Limited.

When asked about his motivation to start Cycle Limited, Israelian shared,

"I loved the idea of giving pre-owned, high-end bikes that are collecting dust in peoples' garages, a new life. I wanted to get them to new owners and back on the roads and trails."

Cycle Limited has set out on a mission to develop a new retail landscape for pre-owned bike consumers, invigorate the buying and selling process and build a community of cycling enthusiasts, satisfied customers and strong relationships with trusted local bicycle shops across the nation.

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