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Specialized Announces European Innovation Hub to Create the Future of Cycling

Published July 1, 2022

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Specialized and Denk Engineering Merge, Enabling Breakthrough Collaboration with Turbo Team in Cham

Morgan Hill, CA, June 30, 2022 – Specialized CEO, Scott Maguire, announces that Denk Engineering has joined Specialized, forming the Specialized Freiburg Innovation Center. “This merge is an important part of a larger strategy to develop our European Innovation Hub. We will build a new state-of-the-art innovation center facility in Freiburg, Germany, with expanded capabilities to complement our facility in Cham, Switzerland. Our world-class innovation team will work in both locations with a single focus—to better serve riders by creating bikes that deliver breakthrough performance faster than ever. We are actively recruiting new top talent to power up our already leading team in Freiburg, Cham, and all of our innovation centers worldwide,” Maguire said.

Peter Denk is eager to see the future of Specialized Freiburg develop even further. “This union is very logical. Denk Engineering has been operating as an extension of the Specialized team for years. We have always shared the same values, but this next step will provide the resources, tools, and common processes to unlock the next 50 years of innovation. In addition to developing leading road and mountain bike platforms, the Specialized Freiburg team is excited to focus on bikes that will be part of the solution for a sustainable CO2-free future.”

Eric Schuda, Leader of Performance Bike Innovation at Specialized, is looking forward to better serving riders with this change. “By investing in and unleashing the potential of the best talent in the world, we are able to give riders their dream rides before they even dream them. To deliver on our purpose and to stay ahead of the competition, we are committed to investing in deep, long-term innovation—it is core to our values. This merger and innovation center enhancement is an example of that commitment, as are the investments we’ve made in the teams and facilities at our multiple innovation centers in North America and Asia.”

About Specialized

Specialized Bicycle Components was founded by Mike Sinyard in 1974 by riders for riders. Based in Northern California with locations around the world, the private company focuses on functional and technically advanced products that enable every rider to perform at their best.


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