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All Bodies On Bikes Moves Gravel Team To Mid South Gravel

Published June 19, 2024

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After three years of leading a team of non-traditional athletes to SBT GRVL, All Bodies on Bikes will be taking a team to Mid South Gravel starting in 2025. The gravel team will follow the same format of previous years, with selected participants preparing throughout the winter for the cycling challenge. All Bodies on Bikes is incredibly grateful for the support provided by SBT GRVL for the past three years, and is incredibly excited to take our special blend of inclusive cycling to a new event.

Applications for the cohort will open in July 2024. Selected participants will receive a fully comped registration for the distance of their choice at Mid South Gravel and participate in a supportive cohort model intended to prepare them for their intended race distance.

We are especially excited about this partnership with All Bodies on Bikes and Mid South Gravel. The inclusion that All Bodies on Bikes brings is so authentic and such a breath of fresh air for the cycling community. We cannot wait to welcome their cohort of athletes to Stillwater, to party with them, and to support them on their mission.”
-Bobby Wintle, Mid South Gravel Race Director

While selection for the gravel team is competitive (with nearly 80 applicants in 2023), the chosen athletes are encouraged to sign up for the race distance of their choice as a personal challenge. For Mid South Gravel this includes the 12 Mile Inspiration ride, 50 miles, or 100 miles. All who identify as a “non-traditional” athlete are welcomed and encouraged to apply. Applications and more information on the program can be found South


All Bodies on Bikes is a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to creating inclusive, supportive, and fun cycling experiences for people of all body sizes, shapes, and abilities. Founded on the principles of body neutrality and accessibility, our mission is to break down the barriers that often keep people from enjoying the freedom and joy of riding a bicycle.

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