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Bike-a-GoGo—a Women's Bicycle Demo Day and Expo

Dust off your GoGo boots and dig out your pedal wrench, the second annual Bike-A-GoGo is on its way. The Pedal Queens, a women’s cycling club in Santa Fe, N.M., will be hosting this year’s Bike-a-GoGo — a Women’s Bicycle Demo Day and Expo, on Oct 20th, 2007 at the Genoveva Chavez Community Center in Santa Fe, NM. The club has invited manufacturers of women-specific products, local retailers and other women-oriented businesses in the bicycle industry to attend. Over 30 companies, including major bike brands such as Specialized, Voodoo, Trek, and Kona, will be there to showcase their products to the women gathering for the event. Sponsored by Women’s Health Services, the Demo Day and Expo will feature both road and mountain bike products, as well as nutritional goods and apparel. There will also be seminars on a variety of bike-related topics, including a presentation on bike maintenance by a female mechanic from a local bike shop, a tire changing clinic by Betty Bike Gear, and a workshop on combining pilates core strength with bike fit by Cycling Essentials. Keeping with the fun-loving spirit of the Pedal Queens, Bike-A-GoGo will include contests, fabulous prizes and an after-party at Second Street Brewing for the ladies attending.

Last year’s inaugural Bike-A-GoGo drew more than 400 attendees from the southwest region, from those new to the sport to seasoned cyclists. Offering a unique opportunity for female cyclists to interact directly with the manufacturers, the Pedal Queens appear to have found a recipe for success for both exhibitors and attendees alike. “I’m in the market for a new bike, and it was really great to be able to talk to all the reps about their bikes for women. Thanks heavens they have noticed that women deserve their own gear,” said one attendee after last year’s event. Sara Ecclesine, Veltec Sports project manager for Sidi brand, was amazed at the turn-out last year. “I spent the whole time on the floor fitting shoes, seeing a woman every 6 minutes, and there were huge crowds still waiting,” she proclaimed after exhibiting at the expo last year.

With 175 members and growing, the Pedal Queens have established themselves as one of the largest women’s cycling clubs in the country. The club focuses on creating a supportive, non-threatening environment for women to learn about and ride both mountain and road bikes. Known for their pink feather boas and “can do” attitudes, the Pedal Queens are excited to again offer Bike-A-GoGo — a Women’s Bicycle Demo Day and Expo as an opportunity for the bike industry to show their support for one of their largest target markets — female cyclists.

Date: October 20, 2007 7:00 am
Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico