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Boone-Roubaix: The Hell of the High Country

Pirate Race Productions is proud to announce the return
of Boone-Roubaix, the Hell of the High Country. This event challenges
cyclists every Easter weekend to a test of rider and machine on the
unpaved roads of Ashe County North Carolina. Hosted by River Girl
Fishing Co in Todd, the race is a fundraiser for the Appalachian State
University Chapter of Wine To Water, an international non-profit based
in Boone that works to bring clean drinking water to impoverished
communities around the world.

L’Enfer Du Haut Pays Deux features an even longer course than last
year with an additional secteur pave (unpaved section). Cat 4/5 Men
and Women’s categories will be subjected to a 43 mile route with over
three miles of pavé in six sections, and 3,682 feet of climbing,
including theKoppenberg of the High Country, a notoriously steep and
unpaved hill with grades over 10%. Pro/1/2, Cat 3 and Masters 35+ and
45+ races will face Le Grand Parcourse: 54 miles, six of pavé, and
4,565 feet of ascending including two trips up our Koppenberg.

Date: April 23, 2011 7:00 am
Location: Todd, NC