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Dirt Series Skills Camp

Whistler is our home base and, understandably, among our favorite places to ride and teach. Not only is it wonderful to know an area inside and out, but it’s fantastic to have so much to know. Between the world-renowned mountain bike park, technically demanding valley terrain, long cross-country epics, and the same trails many of us learned on ourselves, Whistler has it going on. The bonus: whatever your level, whatever your bike, whatever you want to learn, you can do it, and put it into immediate practice, here. All of our Whistler camps allow each participant to chose their riding focus. You can decide to spend all your riding time in the Park, all of it in the Valley, or split between the two and experience them both. All of our Whistler camps also include an optional Friday night session, so you can sign in, collect demo gear, and choose skill sessions then, or wait until Saturday morning and do it at that point instead.

Date: June 2, 2007 7:00 am
Location: Summit Sport, Whistler