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Fruita Fat Tire Festival

ixteen Years since the dawn of the Fruita Singletrack awakening. We want to invite you to join the fun at the 16th Annual New Belgium Brewing Fruita Fat Tire festival - April 28 to May 1, 2011 - always marked by the last Friday in April since 1996. If you have been around this legendary event before you know that I like my little cute slogans; this year is far from an exception and maybe the best one yet. "Sixteen will get ya Twenty"; OK, so its cute and "off camber" as I (Hello, founder Troy Rarick here) am somewhat known for. We are so proud to announce that this year and this cute little slogan is dedicated to our amazing title sponsor New Belgium Brewing Company in Fort Collins Colorado. We are so grateful that Jeff and Kim founded this amazing company,make such outstanding beer and have supported this event for almost its entire life; Thank You! New Belgium has announced it's continued support and thus the perfect event slogan; Sixteen Years of Fruita Fat Tire Fest, just a couple more years since the dawn of Fat Tire Beer and the promise of many more good years to come. Yes; we are coming up on sixteen and I will promise that we will at least make it to year twenty! It might be the end? Maybe we will decide to go for "Twenty One; finally legal" Who knows...

I want to personally and for all of us in Fruita Fat Tire Paradise; Thank New Belgium Brewing from its founders to all the amazing staff/owners and friends who have supported not only this event but Fruita's Singletrack Sensation since it's beginning in 1995. Here's to a company that inspired me that it was OK to adopt a philosophy of doing things better and investing in what you believe in. Thank You and let's raise a glass to doing beautiful things and making something memorable out of simple things like beer, bikes and beautiful living


Come ride with us...

Start: April 28, 2011 7:00 am
End: May 1, 2011 7:00 am
Location: Fruita, Colorado