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Raystown Bike Fest

We are happy to announce that the Friends of Raystown Lake is launching Raystown Bike Fest, picking up the Dirt Fest Pennsylvania torch with the new event on the same weekend. Dirt Fest PA has been a big fundraiser for the Allegrippis Trail network and a way to bring the bike community together, so it is with a happy heart we announce that Raystown Bike Fest will make fundraising for the trail network its main focus. Over the nine years that the event has been held, Dirt Rag was able to donate over 80,000 dollars to The Friends of Raystown Lake. As Dirt Rag, and subsequently Dirt Fest, was coming to a close, one of the main concerns was that this vital fundraising might also come to an end. Raystown Bike Fest will be capping attendance at just over 800 this first year with the goal of having a small grassroots event similar to Dirt Fests of old. In addition, all attendees who pre-registered for Dirt Fest PA 2020 will receive a voucher good for their purchased pass and camping accommodations.

Date: May 15, 2020 to May 17, 2020
Event Location: 
Hesston, Pa.