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Roam Bike Fest - postponed

Hi. We recommend you sit down for this. It is with big, sad and heavy hearts to report that we have postponed Roam Fest Brevard. Public and participant safety, as always, is our highest priority. Plus, a Roam event without hugs is against our religion. At this time we have not confirmed a reschedule date but we will be announcing that just as soon as we get all of our ducks back in line.

Bright sides:

1) In the past our event merch has only been available to participants, but you’ll soon be able to order your favorite Roam gear online (yusssss!). Stay tuned for online store updates!

2) Ash is reigniting her @roamrydes podcast! The first new episode will be featuring the fabulous bad-ass @rebeccarusch

3) once we get our garage painted Andi @zoltonator will be doing 1-min video workshops on all things bike related in a new series we’re calling something like “Bikes & Brews with Andi” (comment with your name suggestions...we’ve hit a wall with trying to figure out something more creative)

So what now...? Maybe we all put on animal costumes and dance around in our living rooms on May 2nd. Maybe we just do that everyday until we’re allowed to go back out into the world. Shit’s weird right now, but our stoke is higher than ever, and that bike party at the end of the tunnel is gonna be mega and epic and all.the.things.

We ❤️ you lady shredders - Ash & Andi

Date: May 1, 2020 to May 3, 2020
Event Location: 
Reeb Ranch, Brevard, N.C.