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Clif Bar Launches Collection Program

Published January 23, 2008

BERKELEY, CA (BRAIN)—Clif Bar and TerraCycle have announced the nation's first program designed to reduce the amount of energy bar wrappers going into our landfills, while educating people about the benefits of reusing waste materials.

Together the companies have created the Wrapper Brigade, which will donate two cents to charity for every used wrapper collected by individuals and organizations.

The collected wrappers will be fused and woven into a strong material, which will then be used to make backpacks, gym totes and other products. These items are expected to be available at major retailers by early next year.

Clif Bar is sponsoring the program and TerraCycle is providing product collection and reuse expertise. Both partners recognize that millions of energy bar wrappers are discarded each year. Together they want to help make reuse rather than disposal the norm for used wrappers.

Anyone can sign up for the Wrapper Brigade program by visiting There is absolutely no cost to participate. Within one to two weeks after signing up, you receive four collection bags that hold 200 energy bar wrappers each. You simply mail the collection bags back to TerraCycle and designate the charity you want to support with your wrapper donation. All shipping fees are covered by the program to encourage people to collect as many wrappers as possible.

Drop by Clif Bar Booth #31035 at Winter OR.

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