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Thorpe Marketing announces hire of Anne-Marije Rook

Published September 26, 2018

BOULDER, Colo. (BRAIN) — Cycling and outdoor industry marketing service agency Thorpe Marketing is pleased to announce the addition of journalist Anne-Marije Rook to its team.


A longtime journalist in both mainstream and cycling media, Rook's byline has appeared in titles around the globe. In the cycling industry, Rook is perhaps best known for her involvement with CyclingTips as one of the founding editors of Ella.

Rook said of her decision to join Thorpe Marketing, "In talking with Jasen (Thorpe), I was especially drawn to the idea that Thorpe is a full-service marketing agency. While tailoring their service offerings to meet a given client's needs, they are also able to directly support the media through advertising placements and affiliate commerce. Coming from a journalism background, this is important to me. I see a free press as an essential component of our society, whether that's mainstream news outlets or our enthusiast outdoor media."

Agency founder Jasen Thorpe said: "All of us in the office feel fortunate to have Anne-Marije join us in supporting our clients. I especially feel this way, though, because of her journalism background. She has the skill set to immediately further our clients' interests in pretty much any marketing capacity. That should go without saying. But more than that, I appreciate that she understands the editorial and publishing portions of the media world and, when we operate in a PR capacity, that our role is to build and maintain appropriate, sustainable relationships between our clients and the media. In communications for enthusiast markets, authenticity and accuracy are everything, and I know Anne-Marije shares and understands this view."

In her role as account manager, Rook will oversee PR and media relations, social media and content marketing, affiliate commerce and advertising placement, and influencer/ambassador programs for several brands among Thorpe's clients.

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