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Jonathan Ellsworth, the founder of the Blister review site, is the latest guest on the Channel Mastery podcast

Published July 5, 2019

BOULDER, Colo. (BRAIN) — Blister is a fast-growing outdoor sports review site, which recently amped up its commitment to testing bicycle products. 

In the newest Channel Mastery podcast, host Kristin Carpenter talks with Jonathan Ellsworth, the site's founder.

"(Ellsworth) dropped some hard-core philosophy references from his background in academia," Carpenter said. "When he quoted Spinoza, I’m not gonna lie, I just rolled with it like I hadn’t ditched the majority of my Phil 101 class at UC Davis to ride.

"But whether or not I can detect Socrates from Spinoza, the quote Jonathan pulled is something all of us can relate to. “All excellent things are as difficult as they are rare.”

"Damn. We live that every day, right? Because that is specialty. It’s about setting a high bar, offering superlative customer service, and maintaining integrity so our customers are confident in the trust they place in us. It was what differentiates us.

"Jonathan is founder and CEO of Blister, the online gear review site whose mission is to offer the most in-depth and honest review possible. Blister is fanatical about gear and the activities our gear allows us to do. This passion has been recognized (and rewarded) by a global audience of consumers that are equally enthusiastic about their gear, their sports, and the honesty they’ve come to rely on from Blister.

"I hope you enjoy this wide-reaching conversation that exemplifies the mantra of putting the consumer first."

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