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Journalist, author and gearing guru Frank Berto dies at 90

Published December 16, 2019

Frank Berto, a longtime cycling journalist and author known for his technical articles about gearing, died last weekend at 90, according to Bicycle Quarterly, where he was contributor.

"Berto was one of the most inquisitive technical minds in the cycling world," Bicycle Quarterly editor Jan Heime wrote on the magazine's blog.

According to Bicycle Quarterly, Berto obtained a Master's degree in mechanical engineering from the California Institute of Technology in 1958. He worked in the oil industry as an instrumentation and oil measurement consultant. On the side, he authored more than 100 technical articles for Bicycling, Bicycle Quarterly, and other periodicals. His book "The Dancing Chain" traces the history of derailleurs.

No information was available on a memorial service.

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