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Machines for Freedom founder Jennifer Kriske tells her story

Published February 3, 2020
Kriske — who sold her clothing brand to Specialized — joins Kristin Carpenter's Channel Mastery podcast this week.

DURANGO, Colo. (BRAIN) — Machines for Freedom's founder, Jennifer Kriske, is Kristin Carpenter's latest guest on the Channel Mastery podcast.

"Kriske discovered cycling, like so many of us do, when she was working a job that entailed super long-hours, where she was always on," Carpenter said. "Cycling gave her the window to shut off work and re-invigorate ... She has a fantastic entrepreneurial story, and you’ll get to hear it first hand here today on this week’s show."

Throughout the episode, the two discuss the why behind founding the brand, how Kriske was able to build the loyal following, apparel in independent bike shops and the relationship between Specialized and Machines for Freedom.

The episode is available for direct download here: Or listen via the player below or subscribe via most podcast apps. More information on the Channel Master episode page

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