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Specialized commits $10M to Outride programs, with increased focus on underserved communities

Published June 9, 2020

MORGAN HILL, Calif. (BRAIN) — Specialized is pledging an additional $10 million to the Outride nonprofit organization over the next three years, and said it also is increasing support of the Legion of Los Angeles Elite Cycling Team to further the team's work of increasing diversity and encouraging inclusion in cycling.

"This is not a normal year," Specialized founder and CEO Mike Sinyard said in a statement announcing the donations. "Since mid-March, you and your families have had your routines, social lives, and activities completely disrupted, with no certainty of what normal will look like into the future. While we push hard towards the future, I want to acknowledge that this moment is especially hard. In this time, the bicycle, and the work that each of you do to change lives through cycling is more critical than ever.

"As I reflect on the current protest movement, I recognize that cycling, which can have such a positive impact on people's lives, also has a problem with race, and Specialized has contributed to that problem. But I truly believe that in moments of crisis, we have the greatest opportunity for making a change, and a difference."

Outride, originally called the Specialized Foundation, has a mission to work to improve the lives of youth through cycling. "Through our Primary Research, Riding for Focus cycling program, and Outride Fund grant-giving activities, we provide evidence-based cycling interventions to improve social, emotional, and cognitive health," the organization's mission statement reads.

Sinyard said the additional $10 million will be used "to accelerate the great work that the organization is doing to bring school and youth development programs and safe places to ride, with an increased focus on underrepresented and underserved communities."

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