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International brands cooperate to keep clothing repairs closer to their markets

Published July 26, 2021

LONDON (BRAIN) — The U.S.-based cycling apparel company Velocio is aligning with manufacturers in three other countries to provide clothing repair services to customers in those nations. The brands say the cooperation will reduce international shipping, benefitting the environment and reducing costs.

Bikepacking accessory brand Apidura will serve as Velocio's United Kingdom hub, Slovenia outdoor gear repairer What Happened will be the EU hub, and the cycling bag brand Vélocolour will cover Canada.  

Velocio continues to repair apparel for U.S. customers in the U.S. 

According to Velocio, apparel is among the most wasteful of all industries, with 80% of all clothing ending up in a landfill or incinerated within three years.

"Apidura has a reputation for precision crafting and carrying out quality repairs that focus on keeping products in use longer, and we are delighted to be able to bring them onboard as our repairs partner for the UK," said Ricky Buckenlei, Velocio's head of Europe. "Alongside our partner for EU repairs, (What Happened owner) Neža Peterca, Apidura is helping us reduce the environmental footprint of our repairs program in Europe without compromising on quality. We have seen their work up close and know our customers will be delighted with the quality of their repairs."

Apidura has had an in-store repair program and created the store Revive to sell repaired gear. Joining with Velocio in its sustainability efforts was a logical step, Apidura co-founder Tori Fahey said.

"Apidura and Velocio have traveled similar paths and share a focus on technological manufacturing processes, developing our own materials and focusing on function and longevity above all else," Fahey said. "We even share some ambassadors, so it was a natural next step to explore ways to collaborate and enhance the impact of our sustainability efforts and find better ways to do business. This is the first step in an exciting new collaboration, and we encourage others in the industry to think about ways they can work with like-minded allies to increase the impact of their own sustainability efforts."

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