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Taiwan e-bike exports up 44% in first 5 months, exceed regular bike exports

Published June 15, 2021

TAIPEI, Taiwan (BRAIN) — Taiwan exported $555 million worth of e-bikes in the first five months of 2021, up 44% from the same period in 2020, the country's Ministry of Finance announced. Exports of regular bikes totaled $525 million, up 38% from the same period last year. 

It was not the first time period when Taiwan's e-bike exports exceeded its exports of regular bikes. In the same five-month period last year, e-bike exports totaled $385 million, with regular bike exports at $381 million.

However, for the full-year 2020, the country exported a higher value of regular bikes: $1.21 billion worth, compared to $987 million worth of e-bikes.

Due to tariffs on Chinese e-bikes in the U.S. and anti-dumping duties on them in Europe, production has shifted from China to Taiwan in recent years. 

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