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Fox electronic suspension uses Shimano tech

Published May 23, 2012

SCOTTS VALLEY, CA (BRAIN) Wednesday May 23 2012 2:47 PM MT—Fox Racing Shox will be offering new electronic features on its suspension products, available in September. Fox worked with Shimano to develop the system's electronics, which shares features with Shimano's E-Tube wiring system used for its Di2 drivetrains.

Fox introduced iCD at the UCI World Cup race in La Bresse, France last weekend.

According to Fox, its Intelligent Ride Dynamics (iRD) products "will directly address a rider’s individual needs, be very intuitive and provide features beyond what has traditionally been offered."

One of the first products is Float iCD, a front and rear shock system for cross-country and trail riding, based on Fox's current Float products. The Float iCD allows a rider to electronically switch shock models between "Climb" and "Descend" modes. Front and rear suspension is controlled from a single switch.

Fox said the fork changes mode in 0.25 seconds while the rear shock changes in 0.45 seconds.

Fox said the ease of use will encourage riders to switch modes more frequently than with current hydraulic and cable-actuated remotes, which generally require separate controls for front and rear suspension.

The system sends power and data along a single wire, reducing the number of wires necessary on a bike to three for full suspension bikes and two for front suspension bikes. The system includes a PC interface option for diagnostics, firmware updates and customization.

The ring-shaped control can mount next to the grip on the right of left side and has three positions. With the PC interface, a rider can customize which modes are activated on the front and rear shocks for each switch position.

Fox claims battery life is "in excess of 2.5 months."

The Float iCD fok will be available in 100mm and 120mm travel options, while the shock will be available in 6.5 x 1.5 to 7.875 x 2.0 size.

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