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Paul Component offers Klamper Disc Brakes in flat-mount

Published October 8, 2018

CHICO, Calif. (BRAIN) — Paul Component Engineering is now offering its Klamper cable-pull disc brake calipers in a flat mount version.

"It took three years of in-house development before the Klamper met all of our extremely high goals. We wanted absolute reliability, easy adjustability, and field serviceability. We wanted super strong stopping power but without hydraulic fluid and fussy bleed kits. After countless drawing revisions, fine tuning of piston design and bearing ramp profiles, and probably 20 prototypes, we nailed it, and the Klamper has quickly become a cult classic," the company said. 

The brakes have oversized ball bearings, pistons are machined from heat treated 12L14 steel. The brakes are popular for deep wilderness bike touring, cyclocross and other bikes. As with Paul's I.S. Mount Klamper, the new Flat-Mount version features interchangeable actuator arms. Since most flat-mount bikes use drop bars, these are currently only available in Short-Pull and Campagnolo Pull. For riders using a flat or riser bar on a flat-mount bike, Paul makes short-pull brake levers.

Paul also is now offering Flat Mount Front Adapters.

The calipers are available in All-Black, All-Silver, Silver with Orange Pad Adjusters, Black with Orange Pad Adjusters, Polished and Limited-Edition Colors. MSRP is $208.

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