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Kali's Pace is designed as an 'everyday, go anywhere' helmet

Published September 18, 2019

MORGAN HILL, Calif. (BRAIN) — Kali's newest helmet model, the pace is an in-molded helmet that brings the brand's Low Density Layer (LDL) technology to a lower price.

"Up until now, all the helmets we made that included LDL technology were well over a $100 and the Pace comes in at $65 retail, which is very exciting for me," said Kali's founder, Brad Waldron. "It came from searching and searching for material options. This is material we found through dogged research and the fact that we can actually afford to put this technology, which I strongly believe in, into a helmet at this price point has me super excited."

The LDL technology uses a softer foam which allows the helmet to protect the head from brain trauma resulting from smaller impacts. 

The pace features a break-away visor, anti-microbial pads, locking sliders and a micro-fit closure system. It has 25 vents and weighs 286 grams. It passes CPSC and EN 1078 certifications and comes in two sizes. 

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