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Yuba launches new pop top canopy cover, $1,000 cargo bike and cable-actuated kickstand

Published January 20, 2020

COTATI, Calif. (BRAIN) — Yuba Bicycles has announced three new product additions for the new years: a new entry level compact cargo bike, a weather-protective rear canopy for longtails and new kickstand that can be activated by cable from the front of the bike.

Yuba's Pop Top Cover is a longtail cargo bike rain and snow cover for kids. "One of the most requested items from customers, the Pop Top Cover shields precious cargo from rain, snow and frosty winds when riding around town. It also protects passengers from strong sun in the summer and includes front/rear windows (with zippers and hook and loop straps) and easy-open side panels to let in fresh air," the company said. The Pop Top is priced at $200 MSRP and is compatible with all Spicy Curry and Sweet Curry models. More information:

The new Kombi compact cargo bike melds the functionality of Yuba's Boda Boda and Mundo models. It retails for $999 and features mechanical disc brakes, puncture-resistant tires, the ability to be stored upright, and a carrying capacity of two to three kids or up to 440 lbs (including rider). More information:

Yuba's new Roots Double Kickstand is 30 inches wide and controlled by a cable-actuated hand lever within the cockpit. The design eliminates the need to step off the bike to set the kickstand, increasing rider balance and safety. When ready to park, the cyclist pulls the lever down and each leg of the Roots drops down simultaneously, offering support for little riders who want to climb on and off by themselves. When ready to ride, roll the bike forward and the Roots folds up and out of the way. The Roots Double Kickstand is priced at $200 and is compatible with all Yuba Spicy Curry and Sweet Curry models. More information:

"Our mission has always been to create the highest-quality, game-changing products that let people commute by bike and carry cargo without compromising ride quality or safety," said Justin Gottlieb, sales and marketing director and U.S. business leader of Yuba. "All three of these innovations are aligned with our ultimate reason for being – to limit environmental degradation by making distinct, active, boundary-pushing mobility solutions – and we're confident about their success in North America."

All three products are available for shipment to retailers.

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