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KASAI FS Dynamo hub is field serviceable

Published May 26, 2020

SAN FRANCISCO (BRAIN) — While some dynamo hubs are factory sealed and difficult to service, the KASAI FS (Field Serviceable) fix the problem. The hub bearings and coils can be replaced by consumers or shop employees, not requiring shipment to the factory. 

"With just a 36mm flat wrench, you have access to the coil assembly and hub bearings. If your hub conks out, just replace it with a new coil assembly. If you went through a few creek crossings and are concerned about condensation building up, you can take out the coil to inspect and air out," said Merry Sales, who distribute KASAI products.

The hubs are compatible with 26" to 700c wheels (6v/3w) and meetsGerman StVZO standards. They achieve 72% efficiency at 10mph. The hubs have  6061 T6 AL shells and 7075 AL end caps and Teflon-insulated copper wire from Japan. They weigh 445 grams to 495 grams depending on model.

They are available in 9 x 100mm QR Non-Disc; 9 x 100mm QR 6-Bolt Disc; 15 x 100mm Thru-Axle 6-Bolt Disc; 15 x 100mm Thru-Axle Center Lock Disc. Suggested retail for hubs is $129-$189 depending on model. Replacement Coil Assemblies start at $89.99.

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