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Archer Components' D1x Trail converts rear mechanical shifting to wireless

Published May 3, 2021

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. (BRAIN) — Archer Components designed a push-button e-shifting conversion kit that works with any speed mechanical rear derailleur.

The D1x Trail with micro-adjust remote ($389) offers various features and upgrades from a standard wireless system:

  • Set a "get-me-home gear" if the battery dies.
  • With the Archer app, set up Quick-Shift, allowing the D1x Trail to jump up or down five gears in one push, depending on how long the shift button is held.
  • In the low-power-mode setting, as the battery fades, the system shuts down unused features to save energy for shifting. It gets the rider closer to home before setting the "get-me-home" gear.
  • Ever wonder how many times you shift during a ride? With the app, you can track this. Most riders average about 100 shifts.
  • Overshoot mode allows the rider to push past a gear for a second and then return to the set position. This helps with worn drivetrains.
  • With the reverse shift button option, change the shift pattern with a flick of the switch.

The D1x consists of two parts. The shifter unit mounted to the chainstay (or seatstay on some frames) drives the shifter cable. Using the app, each shift point is set up individually to have the ability to tune out any wear that occurs. The remote replaces the thumb or trigger shifter and attaches to the bars with the provided clamp or a SRAM matchmaker bracket.

The battery is good for up to 80 hours. The electronics are water-resistant, the system weighs 235 grams, and was built and tested in Santa Cruz, California.

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