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POC develops sustainable helmet that can be recycled at end of life

Published June 14, 2022

STOCKHOLM (BRAIN) — POC created its first sustainable helmet constructed from 50% recycled material, with each component designed to be recycled at end of life.

The Myelin has a fabric weave shell and interlocking construction where each piece holds the others in place. It is manufactured without the use of adhesives and designed to be deconstructed, allowing the helmet to be separated into its individual pieces at end of life. It has been certified EN 1078, CPSC 12.03, and AS/NZS 2063.

The new fit system was inspired by snap-fit used in baseball caps, allowing riders to fine-tune the helmet. The Myelin also has an EPS liner and a "network" of ventilation holes in the top to allow heat to escape. The medium size weighs 340 grams.

MSRP is $100 and the Myelin is available online, at select POC retailers, and REI Co-op.

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