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Thousand launches its first toddler helmet

Published March 26, 2024

(BRAIN) — Thousand has introduced its first helmet model for ages 1+, the Toddler Helmet. 

"Through the work of our partners, we are aware of the decline of ridership among children as well as the rise of data proving adolescents benefit physically, emotionally and mentally from being on bikes," said Gloria Hwang, the founder and CEO of Thousand.

"By providing a vibrant helmet that promotes self expression, we believe more kids will safely experience the joy, independence and utility of riding. As young, recreational riders transition into responsible commuters navigating our cities and larger urban landscapes, we hope they'll continue to turn to Thousand for a seamless product experience," Hwang said.

Thousand said that, after debuting its Jr. helmet for ages 5+ three years ago, the company experienced a large influx of parents into its consumer base who were excited to purchase a child's helmet option that was aesthetically similar to their own helmet, customizable and available in gender-neutral colors.

The company pointed to recent studies by PeopleForBikes on the benefits for children who start riding young, including the development of motor and social skills,

The Toddler helmet includes Thousand's dial fit system that allows for precise adjustments and supports resizing with children's growth. Six vents and interior cooling channels increase active ventilation for temperature regulation during biking, roller skating, and skateboarding – all activities the helmet is certified for. Premium finishes and removable, reflective sticker packs encourage imagination and creativity through an engaging activity for toddlers.

Coincidentally, the new lid comes at a time when Thousand's founder – one of very few female founders in the cycling industry and recipient of the Outdoor Retailer Inspiration Awards – is expecting her first child.

"Nearly a decade ago when we launched our first helmet, I was in a similar stage of life to most of our millennial shoppers and could speak directly to their busy, urban lifestyles," said Hwang. "Now, it feels as though I'm entering into another phase as a founder and soon-to-be-mother, directly alongside those same loyal customers. New parents who have worn Thousand for years have asked us to create options for their children; I'm so thrilled to offer them a safe, affordable choice for toddlers that one day soon, my child will wear as well."

The Toddler Helmet has an MSRP of $45. It's available in six colorways and fits head sizes ranging from 45 centimeters to 49 centimeters. Two sets of padding are included.

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