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The 5th Spot

Published April 5, 2008

"Those Cannondale guys sure know how to ride a bike, but driving..." —BRAIN's Robert Torrico this past Friday.

BRAIN's rig had to slow it down a bit on the I-5 to Talega, as not to lose Cannondale's Bill Rudell, Doug Dalton and The Cut rider Chris Van Dine as they were nice enough to let us test ride the new Rize and Moto. (Turn about was fair play as they lost us on the singletrack.)

We came to find out that Chris isn't only an expert on huge air, but also eyeing rattlers on singletrack. We're just glad Chris was serving as point man.

Thanks guys for a great time out both on the dirt and at the web editor's version of the Tarrywile Lodge.

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