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Scott USA Hires New Staff

Published May 5, 2008

SUN VALLEY, ID (BRAIN)—Scott USA has added Jeff Buerman to cover sales for Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, working with Kelly O’Brien.

Scott Irvine has joined sales covering Minnesota, North and South Dakota, working with Dominic Petit.

Nathan Frazier and Chris Graham have taken over Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas. Fred Faustman started yesterday covering sales for southern California for Scott USA.

"We are very pleased with these new staff and we are confident this will enable Scott to continue growing into 2009 and beyond," said Scott Montgomery.

The company also announced that Shane Kinman has taken over as art director and Sam Rodgers as associate art director. Both have been working for Scott and have been recently promoted due to their strong performance and great work for the company.

Jeff Buerman via email at or at 734-564-7395.
Scott Irvine via email at or at 320-766-0012.
Nathan Frazier via email at or at 832-971-2453
Chris Graham via email at or at 405-371-1779
Fred Faustman via email at or at 818-943-0850
Shane Kinman via email at or at 208-622-1056
Sam Rodgers via email at or at 208-622-1083

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