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Adventure Cycling Association Growing

Published October 23, 2008

MISSOULA, MT (BRAIN)—Adventure Cycling Association—North America's largest cycling organization—reported that in 2008 its membership and sales programs have enjoyed the largest leap in activity in more than a decade.

With more than 44,000 current members, and a reputation as an expert on cycling maps and bicycle travel gear, the organization believes that this stellar performance underscores other national trends that suggest more people than ever are integrating bicycling into their lives.

"We haven't had this type of growth in new members since the early 1990s. It's very exciting to have so many more Americans inspired to travel by bicycle. This is why Adventure Cycling exists," said Julie Huck, membership director of Adventure Cycling Assocation. "Whether it's because of last year's gas price increases, overall issues with the economy, or health and environmental concerns, more and more day-to-day cyclists are realizing that bicycle travel is a fairly simple next step."

Adventure Cycling saw a 10.5 percent increase in inquiries (people requesting information about the organization) and a 12.2 percent jump in new memberships for 2008. Total memberships grew nearly 5 percent, with 500 members at the end of September.

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